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About Members4Aid2Asia

We are a newly formed, small non profit network of like minded people residing in Australia wanting to help disadvantaged people in Asia. Our members are volunteers passionate about humanity and human rights.

We wish to extend our hand of friendship to those living in our nation and the International community, wherever you are in the world. Let us join our hands of humanity and unity, and help those much less fortunate than us.

Please support our Facebook page, "Members4Aid2Asia" and website, and be part of a grassroots movement to end the human rights violations and inhumanity in Asia.

What the logo symbolizes 560X320

The green depicts healthy love for other people and nature.

The gold represents awakening, optimism, inspiration and intelligence.

May our ray of colours bring hope, peace and security to our friends in need.

We shall always walk with you.

Our Mission

Is to raise awareness of the plight of people in vulnerable, desperate and inhumane situations, through social media. We aim to inform others about poverty, fear, oppression and persecution which remain unabated for numerous individuals, families and communities.

One of our main objectives is to gain support from news portals, non government organisations (NGOs) and human rights advocates for news contributions and opinions so as we can work and voice in unity – for wider and more effective exposure, and to hasten the process and improvement of democracy, humanity, human rights and justice.

Our Vision

Is to generate information that will encourage interest, understanding, giving and involvement in a world where there is hope, tolerance, social justice and human rights, and people can live with dignity and security. Human life is sacrosanct.

Our Motto

is ‘Humanity transcends borders, ethnicity, cultures and faiths.’

Our Plan

Campaign for Burma

We are working on a three stage plan:

  • Creating awareness - cause and effect. Currently we are in the ‘creating awareness’ phase through our recently launched Facebook Page and website, members4aid2asia.com. The engagement and dialogue we have with the national and international community is and will be mainly by social media.We urge other like minded communities and citizens of other countries to participate in our three stage plan starting with ‘creating awareness’ by way of contributing with reports, stories, videos, links and comments. Let us expose and explore the plight of those adversely affected by the severe actions of others and allow the vanguards of our national and International community to take appropriate action.
  • Fund raising for individuals, families and communities. All funds will be administered with full accountability, disclosure and transparency, under the regulations and governance of the Australian Charities and Non For Profit Commission – ACNC.
  • Volunteering in Asia.

We advocate for internally displaced persons (IDPs), political prisoners, exploited migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees in Asia. In addition, we promote refugee contributions in third countries and respectfully request governments, especially developed countries to increase the intake of migrants on purely humanitarian grounds – legitimate refugees seeking protection and safety.

Human rights violations and atrocities in Burma

• Human and child trafficking

• Slave labour - enslavement

• Encampment of Internally Displaced People with absence or inadequate supply of basic necessities including food, health care and shelter

• Extrajudicial Killing: capture and killing of civilians

• IDPs: Over half a million internally displace people (IDPs) in Eastern Burma

• Destruction of lives and livelihood: confiscation of land and properties

• Destruction of Villages: torching ethic minority villages

• Systematic Rape: used as a weapon of war against ethic women and children.

• Unfair and false imprisonment of students, political activists and journalists

• Child soldier recruitment

• Land mines

We will work in solidarity with human right advocates, non government organisations, civil societies and others to assist the victims of human rights violations and atrocities.

Nationally, we support asylum seekers and refugees and related organisations in Australia.

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