We are seeking participation from volunteers from Australia and the International community to support us;

  • Social media: support in networking and enhancement, work with our website designer and manager and creating additional traffic flow
  • Communication: Communicate with local, national and International news portals, non government organisations, advocates and activists and others
  • Media and Edit: Research and edit news reports and articles, initiate, maintain and complete petitions
  • Certified Australian Accountant/Auditor: To advise and establish a charity – non profit entity and be part of the finance committee with audit responsibility.

Volunteers can work at their own pace and time within a flexible time frame and according to our guidelines. You are encouraged to multi task. No experience is necessary. University and college or TAFE students welcome.

For further details contact us by email: members4aid2asia@gmail.com

Contributors and Supporters:

Become a ‘Member’, a friend for humanity and human rights: NO MEMBERSHIP FEE

You are welcome to join us from anywhere in the world. Join us as an individual or organisation

We encourage you as a member to:

  • Support our Facebook (FB) page, Members4Aid2Asia and this website.
  • Comment on this website, on news reports – articles, as frequently as possible. Your comment can be short or long.
  • Re-post and/or link one news report and/or write an opinion for publication
  • Tell your friends about us


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