Muang Zarni

Maung Zarni is a Burmese dissident & scholar in exile with 27-years of involvement in the country’s politics.

He has just completed concurrent visiting academic fellowships at Harvard and the London School of Economics.  An ardent advocate for multiculturalism, Zarni co-authored (with Alice Cowley) a 3-year study of Burma’s systematic persecution of the Rohingya entitled “The Slow Burning Genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya” (Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal, U. of Washington Law School, Spring 2014) and organzied the Oslo Conference to End Myanmar’s Persecution of the Rohingya at the Norwegian Nobel Institute and Voksanaasen, 26 May 2015.

As a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Zarni founded and led one of the then internet’s  human rights campaigns, Free Burma Coalition from 1995-2004.